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WBE Studio
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This reference refers to the impressions of "Tramplin Studio EOOD" regarding the accounting services provided by "Accounting and Audit Office - Vasileva".

"Tramplin Studio EOOD" is extremely pleased with the professionalism and high quality shown by the team of "Accounting and AuditOffice - Vasileva".  "Accounting and Audit Office - Vasileva" has qualified and responsible staff and very good organization.

"Tramplin Studio EOOD" recommends "Accounting and Audit Office - Vasileva" as a reliable and correct partner, as it strictly fulfills the commitments and deadlines.

Slav Panayotov
/ 05.03.2019 /

Стесла ООД

Stesla Ltd.



This recommendation refers to the accounting services provided by the Accounting and Auditing Office - Vasileva in the joint work with Stesla OOD.


The employees of "Accounting and Auditing Office - Vasileva" are complex, demonstrating high professional values ​​and work ethic. We are always confident that our every request will be efficiently and accurately serviced. We receive professional service and advice on how to manage our financial flows in compliance with all laws, regulations and rules.

Stesla Ltd. recommends "Accounting and Auditing Office - Vasileva" as a reliable partner, fulfilling the commitments and deadlines set by regulations.

Sincerely, Stesla Ltd.
/ 05.10.2020 /


Non - governmental organization NOVA VARNA



The reference refers to the observations of the NGO "NOVA VARNA" for the accounting services performed by the "Accounting and Auditing Office - Vasileva".


"Accounting and Auditing Office - Vasileva" offers a full range of accounting services at affordable prices. We always receive the necessary attention in the relevant accounting case. Employees are competent, responsive, understanding and easy and pleasant to communicate with.


NOVA VARNA, a non-governmental organization, recommends the Vasileva Accounting and Auditing Office as fair partners, always responsive to resolving various financial cases. Their communication is at an exceptional level. We are very pleased with the whole team. They are the logical choice for accounting services.

/ 18.05.2021 /

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